Niagara Glen Climbing

Niagara Glen Lookout

Hello There!

Looking to climb at the glen? Well you've come to the right place.

We're an unofficial site to help you responsibly enjoy climbing at the glen.

Never climbed at the glen before? No problem. Head over to the access page to get started with visiting as a boulderer.

Niagara Glen Lookout

Get Prepared

Get familiar with the glen as a climber and make the most of your bouldering trip.

The Conditions page will give you a good idea of the when is best for climbing.

And the Hazards page will help you stay out of any potential danger.

Niagara Glen Lookout

But Wait, There's More!

Already climbing the glen but want to know more?

Checkout resources for more info on climbing in the glen, and, Niagara Parks.

And the Updates page for new or changed blocs.

Niagara Glen Lookout